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Lykke Li thinks touring is a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest

Under-appreciated-Swedish-popstar-that-isn’t-Robyn, Lykke Li has spoken of her dislike of touring.

Li told The Irish Times in a pre-Electric Picnic interview, “I hate mentioning her name because people always take it up the wrong way, but I remember seeing ‘In Bed with Madonna’ and she was in this amazing suite and hanging out with her dancers. That’s what touring meant to me: big suites, walking around in a silk komono, waiting for my movie-star lover to show up and then strutting on stage”, she admits “I had no idea what I was actually getting myself into”.

While she has learned the hard way that life isn’t a rollercoaster of deep-throating bottles and tonguing your harem of gays, Lykke is realistic about what it takes to be a popstar. “I realise that touring allows me to do so much of what I want to do. I wouldn’t be able to make a record without touring”.

In a break from the usual ‘performing live feeds me’ popstar narrative she claims, “You can’t really do what Kate Bush does and not play. No one gives a fuck about you if you retreat. I survive on touring but my dream is to retreat and just do a few shows every so often”.

Being a popstar is such a chore.


Lykke Li reveals acoustic ‘Jerome’ video.

Gloomy but good popstrel Lykke Li has ‘dropped’ a spooky video of an acoustic recording of ‘Jerome’. According to her website, the video was made before Lykke left for her current US tour.

Taken from her acclaimed ‘Wounded Rhymes’, this new version of ‘Jerome’ is described as “stripped down”, while the video features Lykke and her band in a room where the lecky (Li) has been cut off. *Desperate play on words face*

You can watch the video here.