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Britney’s next single will be ‘Criminal’

Britney Spears has chosen medieval recorder jam ‘Criminal’ as her follow up single to ‘I Wanna Go’ and the fourth single from ‘Femme Fatale’.

She told MTV “I don’t if I’m at liberty to tell. But I will anyways. It’s Criminal.”

The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient claimed that she already has the visuals in mind. “I was thinking of a really cool concept for the video just to make it interesting,” she said, “You’ll have to see.” TRANSLATION: “Not a clue”.

‘Criminal’ recently topped a poll on Spears’ Facebook page, proving twice as popular with the 80,000 fans that voted as the other potential single choices ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful’ and ‘Inside Out’.

Spears added “Actually the song, when I first heard it, it’s really different and it’s not anything I’ve heard like this before. So I really wanted to deliver this song”.

The Femme Fatale Tour arrives in the UK on October 25.


Britney’s VMA tribute may have been revealed.

Britney Spears will allegedly be honoured by a menagerie or ‘Minaj-erie’ if you will (we won’t – Ed) of her popstar contemporaries at this year’s MTV VMAs.

VMA Executive Producer Amy Doyle told Billboard “Obviously everything from her choreography to her fashion to her videos will be (covered). We said ‘let’s challenge ourselves to do something unique’.” The 29-year old ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’ singer is rumoured to be the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The format of the promised tribute to Brit may have been revealed by America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway producer ‘Woody Woodbeck’ who tweeted at the weekend “If this lineup is legit (which I’m told it is) the tribute to Britney at the VMAs is gonna be insanely EPIC!!”

The tweet included a link to this image:

If this lineup is indeed ‘legit’ then it most certainly will be ‘epic’. Besides, let’s face it, it’s on headed paper so it must be true.

The MTV VMAs take place in Los Angeles’s Nokia Theatre on August 28th.


An alternative ‘Gimme More’ video has leaked on the internet

An ‘alternative’ version of Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’ music video has been leaked online. The leak has emerged exactly 4 years since the original filming date in Los Angeles.

The new video – widely speculated to be the original cut – features Britney fondling herself on the way to a funeral, fondling her naked boobs with some friends and fondling her cat at home after a busy day on the stripper pole.

The video was directed by unknown ‘creative’ Jake Sarfaty who was reportedly chosen by Britney herself who at the time of the shoot was perhaps not renowned for her wise decision-making. The new video has already garnered praise from some including celebrity Britney stan Perez Hilton, “WHY on Earth was this not the version released? It’s so much better!”