There are apparently some guitars on the new One Direction album

One Direction are rumoured to be working on an ‘edgier’ sound for their debut album.

The X Factor alums who famously moshed out to ‘You Are So Beautiful’ during Rock Week have employed the production talents of US-based punk pop producer Matt Squire.

According to The Sun, a source said of the 1D album, “It’s got more of a guitar influence than people expect. The lads aren’t going down the dance route”. Which is a relief.

Squire’s production CV includes Good Charlotte, 3OH!3 and Panic! At The Disco and apparently one track he’s recorded with Harry Styles and Co. titled ‘Nah Nah Nah’ has SyCo execs all aflutter.

It’s important to note that in recent times, Matt Squire has also twiddled knobs for other hard rock acts like Selena Gomez, David Archuleta, Katy Perry and Brian McFadden.

We’ll hear this new sound when One Direction will release their first single in September.

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