Ronika has spoken about her pop music beginnings

Ronika has spoken about her popular music song-making origins.

“I first started writing soul tunes on the guitar when I was about 14 and then went on to sing and make electronic music with two brilliant computer geeks at school. Then I got into DJing and making my own tunes and have been a bedroom pop producing hermit ever since”.

In an interview with, the Nottingham native described how she is following in the footsteps of other bedroom-producing greats like Daniel Beddingfield and Craig David.

“It’s DIY in that I write, record and produce everything in my bedroom”. In fact she didn’t even leave her bedroom door for her ‘In The City’ collaboration with Citizen which she says was made “via music ping-pong, sending each other bits of music back and forth”.

You can read the parts of this interview that we haven’t copied and pasted here, here.


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