Olly Murs will be a wonderful Xtra Factor host

Celebrity hat wearer Olly Murs believes that his Xtra Factor will improve upon 2010’s vintage season.

Setting the bar inordinately high, Murs has vowed to better the performance of erstwhile Xtra Factor host and master of empathy Konnie Huq. The ‘You Are Not Alone’ collaborator told The Sun, “Caroline and I can bring a more personal touch and get to know the contestants really well like Dermot does.”

In a warning to this year’s hopefuls he said “”We are also going to be like their mates. I hope my experience of the show will rub off on the contestants and we’ll get the best out of them.”

In the strangest analogy since calling Konnie “great”, Murs said of this year’s X Factor shake up “I always look at things like football teams. In any business you have to refresh. No one is bigger than the club”. The show runner-up was also full of praise for newcomer Gary Barlow. “He’s got such a dry sense of humour. One contestant sang Beyonce’s Irreplaceable…and Gary went, ‘Yeah, we were hoping you’d keep going to the left because it was that bad’”.

Can you imagine the LOLs? Can you?!

Xtra Factor starts on August 20th.

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