N-Dubz haven’t had a row on a bus.

Carp enthusiast and N-Dubz frontman Dappy has shown his anger at rumours of a fall out on the N-Dubz tour this weekend.

The Sun had reported that ‘the Dubz’ had a bit of a row on a bus while en route to perform at Burnley’s prestigious Towneley Park. The paper claimed the ruckus broke out over revelations that Tulisa told her bandmates she was to use an X-Factor live performance, planned for the band, to launch her solo material instead.

However, an unhappy Dappy tweeted in response “No fucking doubt,me tulisa and faze where just fine on the tour bus…I love tulisa and I’m so proud of her and Fazer…And we NEVER got dropped [from Def Jam],we left them…A bunch of lies once again in the paper today…(sic)”

A source (possibly a na na naaaiiightbus conductor) had told The Sun, “It all got completely out of hand on the bus on Friday night. Instead of N-Dubz performing on the show, Tulisa is planning to use a key slot on the show to promote her solo career”.

Dappy continued “Fuck X factor and every thing they stand for, no real original music or artist will ever come off that fake show exept Leona Lewis..NaNa (sic)”. Bit harsh on The Conway Sisters to be fair.

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