Matt Cardle’s new stuff sounds like “Coldplay and Travis”

Credible singer Matt Cardle has been compared to some of the UK’s most exciting groups including Coldplay and Travis. Serious recording artist bonus points there, surely.

Matt (WHO WRITES HIS OWN SONGS) is currently collaborating with ‘Insatiable’ hitmaker Guy Chambers. Chambers told The Sunwhat to expect from the X Factor winner’s debut release coming soon to a live show appearance near you. “He’s like a cross between Coldplay, Travis and Snow Patrol”.

The songwriter who CO-WROTE two songs for Cardle’s forthcoming album added, “It’s very accessible but it’s also very powerful and emotive. He’s got some really good tracks and he’s a very nice guy”.

Chambers added that the ‘When We Collide’ singer had a long way to go to match the success of fellow show winner and ‘I Got You’ hitmaker Leona Lewis. “I hope he’ll be a success but obviously it will be hard for him to compete with Leona Lewis because she is a worldwide hit”.

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