Leona Lewis and DJ Avicii collide on Twitter

A war of tweets has erupted between Leona Lewis and Ministry of Sound signed DJ Avicii amid accusations that Lewis plagiarised her new sound from ’Penguin’ by the Swedish producer.

The ‘Forgive Me’ singer came under fire soon after latest single ‘Collide’ received it’s first play on Radio 1 this week.

Ministry of Sound said in a statement “Pete Tong, Annie Mac, and Scott Mills have been playing Penguin for months now, but this week we’ve realised Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis have stolen our record. Collide is identical to Avicii’s track!”

Lewis took to Twitter to attempt to end rumours that she copied the tune. “With regards to my song, avicii was aware & agreeing publishing splits for himself and his manager”. She continued “When avicii sent his track out to have a song written over it I totally fell in love with this version and i think he’s super talented.”

However, this morning Tim ‘DJ Avicii’ Berg has rubbished Lewis’ statement, tweeting directly to her “Thanks for accusing me of lying and speaking on my behalf.”

The baby-faced Swede added “Since we never met or even spoke, please let me and my manager know who told you that and what confirmation they gave you”.

Oh dear.

You can have a listen to ‘Penguin’ by DJ Avicii here.
You can have a listen to ‘Collide’ by Leona Lewis here.

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