Keisha Buchanan’s solo album will be very “honest”.

Keisha Buchanan’s debut solo album will be “tongue-in-cheek”, “honest”  and have an “international sound.”

The Sugababe 1.0 star told Metro “It’s a very honest album. Hopefully people will get to know me a bit more”. She has also promised some material will touch on THAT girl group sacking “I didn’t want to do anything negative but, at the same time, I wanted to be honest and I have been in situations where I have been betrayed in some sense”.

Showing signs of pop song writing brilliance she said “It was hard but I want to be better, not bitter”.

In more very amazing news Keisha revealed that her former bandmates got her through her Sugababes split. “Mutya and Siobhan really supported me when it first happened, which meant a lot because they’ve known me for such a long time and know the things that were put out there weren’t accurate”.

“As far as the current girls, I saw them a few weeks ago [backstage at Wireless] and wished them the best of luck.  I feel I’ve forgiven them and that’s it”.

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