JLS find Take That ‘inspirational’

JLS have revealed their ‘Love Love’ for old boyband masters Take That.

Marvin, JB, Ortise and Aston (and Aston’s Mum) were at the Progress Live tour last night as part of Take That’s 8-night run at Wembley.

Aston tweeted from their box “They are simply incredible” before Robbie’s arrival inspired a frankly frivolous splurge of exclamation marks. “Oooooh s***…robbie is sick!!!!! He’s been on 30 second and already killed it!!!!!!!! He is my new hero haaa”. (sic)

Thankfully, the JLS official Twitter account was then handed over to level-headed man-blouse connoisseur Marvin to sum up the evening “Take That smashed it…AMJO had a wicked night…Inspirational”.

The ‘lads’ also released an 8-second teaser clip of the video for their new single, ‘She Makes Me Wanna’, which sees lots of beautiful people frolicking around in the water in eye-piercing neon under garments.


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