George Michael has revealed his love for Debbie Harry

George Michael has revealed that Debbie Harry was his first crush before realising he was gay.

The ‘True Faith’ hitmaker told Harry of his old feelings when they met backstage at Lovebox’s Out and Out Fierce day this Sunday.

The careless tweeter said “She looked great. I told her that before I worked out I was a poof she was my first crush…(which is true!). Not sure if she took it as a compliment.”

Mr. Michael was having a gay old time hanging out with “the lesbian chanteuse that is Beth Ditto” adding that “she was a sweetheart”. George’s gay love (steady on) didn’t stop there. “Bumped into Jake Shears from the Scissor sisters who was as friendly and cute as he always is. So it was definitely worth putting up with the rain”. (sic)

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