Example quite likes Professor Green’s new album and vice versa.

’Bad boy’ rappers Example and Professor Green have nothing but praise for each other’s new albums.

The pair are currently working on a track for Green’s ‘At Your Inconvenience’ and while in the studio, Example treated his ‘Monster’ collaborator to a preview of his new record.

Professor Green tweeted “Alll I’m saying is I’ve just heard my favourite song from @example’s new album!!!” (sic). However, that was not ‘Alll‘ he was saying as he then said this “okay now i’m torn between two. @example’s album is going to be fucking HUGE” (sic).

Elliot ‘Example’ Gleaves was quick to repay the compliment “Who heard @professorgreen’s track on R1 just now?? It’s fuuuccccckkkeeed! I can tell you he’s played me 5 tunes today and they’re all HUGE”.

At the end of the HUGEly successful music making session Professor Green concluded “tried to make a song with @example. half recorded the chorus, ate some vietnamese and popped two bottles. this is not what life was like on [former Mike Skinner owned label] ‘The Beats’. Less tweeting, more working next time.

Example’s ‘fucking HUGE’ album ‘Playing in the Shadows’ is out September 4.
Professor Green’s ‘fuuuccccckkkeeed’ album ‘At Your Inconvenience’ is out August 22.


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