DJ Avicii releases video for ‘Fade into Darkness’

Baby-faced Swedish DJ Avicii has unveiled the video for ‘Fade into Darkness’ (his original version of Leona Lewis’ ‘Collide’, keep up, keep up) despite having reached an out-of-court settlement with Syco last week.

Just last Monday, Syco announced a ‘collaboration’ of sorts in a statement, ‘Leona Lewis and Avicii will work together on the forthcoming single Collide.’ And by ‘working together’ here, they mean ‘not sue each other’. Avicii, even tweeted “Glad to FINALLY have resolved situation with Leona. So happy to move on with Leona and focus on having a hit together.”

However, DJ Avicii, if that is his real name (it’s not, it’s Tim Berling), seems keen on having a hit all on his own too. The official video for ‘Fade into Darkness’ premiered online last night featuring vocals by Danish hitmaker Andreas Moe (yes, THE Andreas Moe).

You can watch the video for ‘Fade into Darkness’ here.
You can’t watch the video for ‘Collide’ because Leona Lewis hasn’t made one yet.

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