Britney’s VMA tribute may have been revealed.

Britney Spears will allegedly be honoured by a menagerie or ‘Minaj-erie’ if you will (we won’t – Ed) of her popstar contemporaries at this year’s MTV VMAs.

VMA Executive Producer Amy Doyle told Billboard “Obviously everything from her choreography to her fashion to her videos will be (covered). We said ‘let’s challenge ourselves to do something unique’.” The 29-year old ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’ singer is rumoured to be the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The format of the promised tribute to Brit may have been revealed by America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway producer ‘Woody Woodbeck’ who tweeted at the weekend “If this lineup is legit (which I’m told it is) the tribute to Britney at the VMAs is gonna be insanely EPIC!!”

The tweet included a link to this image:

If this lineup is indeed ‘legit’ then it most certainly will be ‘epic’. Besides, let’s face it, it’s on headed paper so it must be true.

The MTV VMAs take place in Los Angeles’s Nokia Theatre on August 28th.


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