Bella Vida score a Top 200 hit.

With high-profile performances on ‘Lorraine’ and OK! TV, Bella Vida’s ‘Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang’ UK promotional tour has landed them an iTunes Dance Chart Top 200 hit this week.

The former Popjustice Song of the Day by Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff was launched with Dad in tow at G-A-Y this weekend. ‘Drag Queens! Red swimsuits! The Hoff! Someone call The Daily Mail!’ After the launch 21 year-old Taylor Ann tweeted “WOW,just had the absolute time of my life performing at G.A.Y!:)tonight will be remembered forever,kiss kiss is now officially out on itunes”.

While the memory of the night will certainly live on forever, sadly, not many people remembered to download the track as the Wideboys remix mananged to reach just No. 178. The Hoffspring have now ended their stay in the UK and will return back to L.A. later today.



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