Joe Metronomy would love to work with Girls Aloud

Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount has revealed his desire to work with a reformed Girls Aloud next year. In an interview with Digital Spy, Mount responded to a question about a possible GA collaboration exclaiming “Oh, I hope so!”.

Mount added “Who knows. I doubt it. I’d just like to think that they’ve all listened to the song I did with Nicola”. We’d like to think Nads has it on her iPod too, Joseph.

According to Mount, his working with Nicola on two tracks (including ‘I’ which made it onto Cinderella Eyes) came about from his public love for the ‘Life Got Cold’ singers. “I mentioned Girls Aloud in loads of interviews about a year and half ago, and that I would love to work with them. I’m not sure how much that had an impact but it happened and it was amazing”.

The English Riviera by Metronomy is out now.
Cinderella Eyes by Nicola Roberts is out on October 3rd.
Something new by Girls Aloud had bloody better be out in 2012.


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