Has Beyoncé revealed her Glastonbury setlist?

Beyoncé has revealed what  may be on her Glastonbury setlist this weekend.

The ‘Get On the Bus’ star performed at a show, informally dubbed her ‘Glastonbury warm-up’ in Nice last night. French fans were treated to renditions of ‘Sex on Fire’ by Kings of Leon, Prince’s ‘The Beautiful Ones’,
Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and even a ‘sans’ Gaga version of ‘Telephone’.

Beyoncé is due on the Pyramid Stage at 21:45 on Sunday and will perform a 90-minute set that’s rumoured to include appearances from Kanye West and Mr. Knowles himself, Jay-Z who knows a thing or two about headlining the festival.

It has also been hinted that a Coldplay collabo is on the cards. The suggestion was given weight after festival organiser Emily Eavis revealed to the Radio Times that Beyoncé’s presence is all down to Chris Martin. “Luckily, we spoke to Beyoncé before she planned her tour this year, so she managed to put Glastonbury in her schedule, then build a European tour around it”. She added “Chris convinced Beyoncé to do Glastonbury”. There, and you thought he was completely useless.

A (slightly dodgy) clip of Beyoncé doing a medley of the songs mentioned above is here.

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